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Justice of the peace

What is a Justice of the Peace (JP)?

A JP is a person who has been certified to perform certain tasks. Most often, a JP will be used to witness a certified copy of a document, or to witness a statutory declaration. It is the role of the Justice of the Peace to be an independent and objective witness. For this reason, they are unable to accept payment in any form and they perform their services as volunteers.

Different states have different roles and legislation for JP's, so if you require their services for something out of state, or overseas, please double check what is required and if a NSW JP is qualified. It is also important to remember that a JP is not necessarily a lawyer or a government representative. They cannot provide you with legal information beyond their role.

What a Justice of the Peace can do:

  • Witness a signature

  • Certify a copy of a document

  • Be present for an affidavit

  • Take a Statutory Declaration

Because of the H.Parsons multiple locations throughout the Illawarra, there is always a Justice of the Peace near you. Contact any of our Chapels for H.Parsons in Wollongong if you require the services of a JP.

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