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Organising a Pre-Paid Funeral is an excellent way to ensure peace of mind, and the method we most recommend if you are financially able to. A pre paid funeral locks in the costs from the day of signing which means if prices inflate in the future your funeral price is not affected.

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A Pre-Paid Funeral is NOT like Funeral Insurance. Pre-Paids allow you to make regular small or large payments and all payments remain your money towards the funeral payment. Funeral Insurance requires monthly premiums, which can increase significantly after you turn 50 and many will cancel your entire policy if you miss a payment.

A pre-paid funeral is a three-way contract between yourself, your Funeral Director and *Foresters Financial.

You itemise the funeral arrangements of your choice, create the pre-planning document and you work out a payment plan so that the financial burden is reduced or removed when you pass away. You can start with a minimum deposit of 10% and flexible payment options are available. Full details are available in the Foresters Financial Pre-Paid Funeral Plan disclosure statement.

Some details to consider for Pre-Paid Funerals:


Find out more about pre-paying your funeral here.

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*All pre-paid funeral funds through H.Parsons are managed by Foresters Financial - an independent financial entity.

Foresters Financial is an Australian company with origins going back over 200 years. They are a registered company under the Life Insurance Act and specialise in funeral related finance. Your funds are held and managed by a professional, reputable and Australian finance company. Our role at H.Parsons Funerals is to guide you through the paperwork and assist with funeral services options.