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Cultural and Religious Services

H.Parsons’ longevity has allowed us to build deep connections with the diverse communities living and working on the NSW South Coast.

Our Funeral Directors represent a range of cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs and members of the H.Parsons’ team are fluent in a range of languages.

They have an extensive knowledge and experience in delivering culturally specific funerals such as Orthodox Greek, Macedonian, Serbian and Russian along with Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist and the more traditional Christian and non-denominational styles of funerals.

Our strong relationships with religious representatives in our community provides families with a distinct advantage.  Generations of multicultural families from the NSW South Coast have been choosing H.Parsons to conduct their funerals because of our thorough knowledge of the rituals and customs specific to different religions.

Our Parsons Ladies funeral service is popular with many cultures who prefer an all female team to organise their funeral.  From the first interaction with our staff though to mortuary care, embalming and delivering the actual funeral, your family and loved one will be attended to by the professional all female team from Parsons’ Ladies.


You can contact H.Parsons funerals  365 days year 24/7.

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