NSW’s unusual and interesting jobs: professional bridesmaid, mortician, golf ball diver

“From earning $1000 a day retrieving golf balls from lake beds to “professional bridesmaids” to dressing up dead people – we go behind the scenes of some of NSW’s most bizarre but interesting jobs.” 

By Clare Sibthorpe - Reporter

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Illawarra Mercury - October 

Now that restrictions are easing, celebrate your loved one’s life with a personalised Memorial Service. We will support you to ensure you can remember your loved one in the way that you would have originally preferred.


Illawarra Mercury

Changing attitudes to funerals and tradition are allowing families to search for more bespoke funeral services. H.Parsons is leading the way to ensure all families receive a personalised experience.

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The Illawarra Flame - April 2022

The way that we talk about death nowadays is very different to how it was talked about in the past. That is why H.Parsons is holding Demystifying Death events for the wider community.

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The Illawarra Flame - January 2022

H.Parsons Funeral Directors is committed to supporting community through the Parsons' Pillars of Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Local Community, and Local Business. Accessing renewable energy, reducing our carbon footprint, and ensuring everything we do can be as environmentally sustainable as possible has been a major priority for H.Parsons Funeral Directors.

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2515 – October Edition

Every section of society has been impacted by COVID, and the funeral industry is no exception. Shane Chapman, Customer Service Manager at H.Parsons, is seeing first-hand the impact on families.

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H.Parsons is joining the Dying to Know Day campaign and on Friday 6 August we’ll be holding our own online event  and creating a welcoming space for the Illawarra community to have conversations about death. 

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Best Friends

“We both feel we have to do the people we love. Mum’s just taken care of one of her best friends from childhood. For her it’s a healing thing.” 

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The Project - Meet The Incredible All-Female Mortician Team

When most people think about their ‘dream job’, caring for corpses probably isn’t up there. But for this all-female team of morticians, there’s no workplace they’d rather be. #TheProjectTV

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The Illawarra Flame - May 2022

Headstones, plaques, gravestones, tombstones, and grave markers are all emblems of the deceased’s final resting place. Like many aspects of death, these emblems are steeped in history, rituals and practicality.

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The Illawarra Flame - February 2022

Many people don’t realise the level of involvement they can have in personally participating in the preparation of their loved one for their final resting place. Preparation may involve helping with the washing or dressing of their loved one, or holding a viewing prior to the service.​

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2515 - November - Arrange a funeral without the stress

Most people will only ever have to organise one funeral in their life, and understandably this can be an overwhelming prospect. Here is a guide to help minimise the stress. 

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Environmental sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint are increase priorities for many families when it comes to organising a funeral. I caught up with Michelle Newland, Manager of Mountain View Crematoria (MVC) for a chat about develops she’s seeing in the industry.

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2515 spoke to mother daughter embalmers Luan Murray and Shawnee Barker.

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