“We both feel we have to do the people we love. Mum’s just taken care of one of her best friends from childhood. For her it’s a healing thing.” 

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2515 spoke to mother daughter embalmers Luan Murray and Shawnee Barker.

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Environmental sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint are increase priorities for many families when it comes to organising a funeral. I caught up with Michelle Newland, Manager of Mountain View Crematoria (MVC) for a chat about develops she’s seeing in the industry.

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Illawarra Mercury - October 

Now that restrictions are easing, celebrate your loved one’s life with a personalised Memorial Service. We will support you to ensure you can remember your loved one in the way that you would have originally preferred.


2515 - November - Arrange a funeral without the stress

Most people will only ever have to organise one funeral in their life, and understandably this can be an overwhelming prospect. Here is a guide to help minimise the stress. 

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“Funeral director is no one of those jobs a child tends to idealise - unless she’s the niece of Wes Bas, in which case role-playing the final farewell will provide a hit in Kind class."

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H.Parsons is joining the Dying to Know Day campaign and on Friday 6 August we’ll be holding our own online event  and creating a welcoming space for the Illawarra community to have conversations about death. 

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Best Friends

2515 – October Edition

Every section of society has been impacted by COVID, and the funeral industry is no exception. Shane Chapman, Customer Service Manager at H.Parsons, is seeing first-hand the impact on families.

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The Project - Meet The Incredible All-Female Mortician Team

When most people think about their ‘dream job’, caring for corpses probably isn’t up there. But for this all-female team of morticians, there’s no workplace they’d rather be. #TheProjectTV

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