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Reflection Wall

Leading the way in innovation is what H.Parsons does. We’ve embraced technology and introduced the Reflection Wall at our Wollongong Chapel.

Casting an image, series of images or a video along the entire Refection Wall is a simple and beautiful way to personalise your loved one's funeral service and reflect upon their passions in life.

Interactive Remote Attendance 

The Reflection Wall can also be interactive and allow family members and friends to be a part of the service, no matter where their location, via Zoom. Family members and friends attending remotely appear on the and can talk, smile and wave to the attendees in the Chapel. Remote eulogies or personal messages can be delivered allowing everyone to be a part of service. 


  • Cast images or video

  • Connectivity from anywhere in the world

  • Ability for all guests to talk with each other, either at home or in the chapel.  

  • Ability to give a remote eulogy or speech 

  • Brings everyone together, from across the world.


How this is different from webcasting

The Reflection Wall differs from webcasting as it is live interactive technology and lets the people in the chapel and at home, not only see each other, but also speak with each other. Webcasting is a one way medium where attendees view and hear the service but they are not able to be seen or interact with attendees in the chapel.  


Ease of use

Connecting to the Reflection Wall is straightforward.  Our team will provide you with an online link providing you with access to the service. The link can be published on Funeral The link will guide you to download the program/app and our Funeral Director will manually allow people to join the service. Once you are able to see the service, those attending will be able to see and hear you.

What If Attendees Don't Want To Be Seen Or Heard?

If attendees prefer to not be seen or heard, they can control this from their own device by disabling the camera or microphone, or both. The Funeral Director is able to mute or disable the video of all people attending if requested. This is typically done during the service and once the service concludes our Funeral Director is able to un-mute everyone so that they can chat with each other.

Talk to us about the Reflection Wall or make an appointment to view the wall and all our facilities. Call (02) 4228 9622.

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