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Funeral webcasting is a complimentary service offered by  H.Parsons.  Webcasting  allows friends and  family members who are unable to attend in person an opportunity to participate in the service through a one way digital connection. This means that remote attendees can view and hear the service, but they can cannot be seen and heard by attendees on site at the service.

We understand that sometimes a loved one will pass away while people are travelling or unwell themselves and webcasting uses modern technology to at the very least, let people digitally attend the service.

Webcasting can also provide the opportunity of viewing the service in private. Often there are barriers for family members or friends to attend a funeral in person, and  a recording of the service can make a viewing possible. In these instances it is possible to record the service and provide a copy to the family. This also allows you to have a digital copy of the funeral service. For some families, this is a form of remembrance which they revisit on the anniversary of their loved one’s passing.

For more information about our locations and the availability of the webcasting services,

please contact one of the H.Parsons team.

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