Life Story Presentations

At H.Parsons, we know how important it is for families to  personalise the funeral service that they are arranging for their loved one.  A  Life Story Video Presentation is an excellent way to do this. 


Through a  slideshow in the format of a video, the Life Story Video Presentation displays a visual  journey of the deceased's life and is played during the service.  Often these presentations will start from  their childhood through to the present, providing a wonderful visual medium in which to remember and honour the deceased’s life. Families will often work together to choose photos that depict their loved ones' unique personality and lifestyle.  


This Handy Life Story Presentation guide has been developed by our staff and provides step by step instructions on how to prepare your Life Story Presentation.  

Our Chapels are equipped with modern audio visual technology in order to play these presentations.

For more information, or to request any help with creating a Life Story Video Presentation,

please contact our team at H.Parsons.