Our Team

The staff at H.Parsons are what makes our organisation so special. H.Parsons has an exceptional team in place who have access to industry best practice training and are committed to delivering a dignified and respectful service.


Our full time team is supported by a number of casuals who bring a diverse skill set and experience to the organisation.  H.Parsons is very grateful for their contribution.

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A Word From Alan Parsons

H.Parsons has been committed to supporting the Illawarra region and providing exceptional funeral services since 1841. My name is Alan Parsons and I am the Managing Director of H.Parsons Funerals.

Having grown up living next door to the family-owned funeral home and assisting my father at every opportunity, I was provided with an in depth understanding of the funeral industry from a very young age.

After leaving school I studied and worked as a laboratory technician which allowed me to live in the United States for a short period. During this time I enjoyed holidays travelling to different countries throughout Asia and immersing myself in their varied cultures. At the age of 23 I returned to H.Parsons as a full time Funeral Director where I was extremely fortunate to have my father John Parsons as a mentor until 2011.

From this I have gained a deep knowledge and connection to the funeral industry and the Illawarra region and I ensure that the H.Parsons team have access to best practice training and industry education. Together with my team we have applied this expertise to our business, implementing state of the art technology and contemporary facilities in our funeral homes.  Notwithstanding these upgrades, the commitment to provide personalised and dignified services to all of our customers remains an absolute priority. I am dedicated to continuing the 100% local owned and operated model of H.Parsons and the practice of giving back to the community wherever we can.

One of my greatest rewards today is to be joined by my son Anthony, the fifth generation of H.Parsons Funeral Directors and to see this legacy continue.  We look forward to continuing to provide our customers with exceptional services well into the future.

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Alan Parsons

Managing Director and Founder

Michelle Murphy

Michelle Murphy

Operations Manager


Edwina Ellicott

Community Engagement Manager

Barry Ryan

Barry Ryan

Funeral Director

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Michelle Newland

Operating Manager, Mountain View Crematoria 

Brian Hood

Brian Hood

General Manager

Shane Chapman

Shane Chapman

Administration and Customer Service Manager

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Luan Murray FAIE MBIE

Mortuary Manager

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Nicole Reay

Catering Manager

Senior Leadership Team

Funeral Directors

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Lette Bensley

Funeral Director


Hayden Bowmaker

Funeral Director

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Dayle Cohen

Funeral Director

Vanessa Murphy.jpg

Vanessa Murphy

Funeral Director

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Cheryl Whiting

Funeral Director

H.Parsons Team

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Carla Veljanoski

Customer Service Team

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Kimberley Davies

Customer Service Team


Danielle Caitens

Customer Service Team


Vicki Lewis

Customer Service Team


Kathleen Craig


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Mariana Belo

Customer Service Team

Staff Web - Lachie (1 of 1).jpg

Lachlan Dewsbury

Customer Service Team


Julianne Lockhart

Customer Service Team

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Chris Walsh

Marketing and Communications

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Dallas Cowley

Audio Visual

Mortuary Team

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Luan Murray FAIE MBIE

Mortuary Manager


Sarah Louise Flower

Mortuary Assistant/Trim Room Co-ordinator

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Shawnee Quinn Barker 

Qualified Embalmer/Mortuary Technician