Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is inherent in all that we do. 

Through the Flower Reach Project with TAFE we’re repurposing left over fresh flowers and extending their lifecycle, and our biodegradable urns are increasing in popularity. There’s always more that we can do and we are interested in hearing about your projects. 


If you have an environmentally sustainable project that you would like to tell us about,

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Environmental sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint are increasing priorities for many families when it comes to organising a funeral. I caught up with Michelle Newland, Manager of Mountain View Crematoria (MVC) for a chat about developments she’s seeing in the industry.


Michelle, firstly tell us a bit about what MVC does?

MVC is a family-owned crematorium based in Unanderra, specialising in cremations  and guiding families through each stage following cremation.  When it comes to the memorialisation of a family’s loved one, we assist them as much as possible to honour their requests. 

Seventy percent of Australians opt for cremations over burials.  Do you think the environmental aspect plays into this decision?

I would definitely like to think that the world is becoming more conscientious about the impact of after death care practices on our environment.  Our cremator is one of the most environmentally friendly cremators in the world, by working to minimise emissions and power requirements.  We  provide families with environmentally sustainable options for their loved one’s journey.


What are some of the more innovative approaches to environmental sustainability that you’re seeing in the industry?

I think the engineering behind the equipment used for a cremation is extremely innovative.  In the case of MVC’s cremator, a secondary chamber within the cremator allows for an even more efficient reduction in emissions released into the atmosphere.  There is such a large range of biodegradable urns available for families to choose from, which can provide the most beautiful memorialisation ceremony for families.  A couple of examples are the Biodegradable Turtle Urn which can hold an adult volume of cremains (ash) and is very popular.  Once released out into the ocean, the head of the turtle eventually fills up first and the turtle slowly descends into the deep water.  Also, the Journey Earth urn provide a similar experience for families.  All of these options are crafted by hand from sustainable and renewable resources, and are biodegradable when placed both in deep water, buried in the earth or recycled.     


Our Flower Reach Project with TAFE Shellharbour is another project. We work alongside H.Parsons Funeral Directors & Shellharbour TAFE, where flower arrangements from funerals are donated by the deceased’s family, to be passed onto TAFE floristry students for continued learning and to carry on the beauty of these flowers.  I love that we get to be a part of an initiative such as this one, which gives back to the community in this way and recycles flowers.

 If you can incorporate one or two  environmentally friendly practices into your planning, it makes a difference.