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H.Parsons and Apple Tree Catering

H.Parsons Funeral Directors is excited to be partnering with local catering supplier, Apple Tree Catering!

Apple Tree Catering is headed by local Wollongong talent, Nicole Reay.

Nicole and her team bring years of experience and a fresh energy to everything they do. With a focus on pure ingredients from local suppliers, an authentic approach and a commitment to exceptional service, Apple Tree Catering can cater for memorial services and events.

Apple Tree Catering is committed to environmentally sustainable practices and only sources the freshest produce available. They work with local suppliers and farmers where possible.

Apple Tree Catering believes in minimising waste impact on the environment by ensuring they maximise recyclable material and dispose of all waste responsibly. Their cleaning products are chosen carefully, ensuring they only use those which have a minimal ecological impact and environmental harm.

To ensure the safety and health of our customers, Apple Tree Catering follows the guidelines issued by NSW Health in response to COVID-19. These guidelines require single use packing. Apple Tree Catering attempts to off-set the situation with recycling practices.

With a beautiful new range of menus to select from, Apple Tree Catering specialises in funerals and memorial services. They will work with you to ensure your catering is just right for the occasions.

Apple Tree Catering has released a new set of menus and refreshed its website. To find out more and order online, go to:

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