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Who is responsible for arranging a funeral?

The loss of a loved one can be a very distressing and confusing time. Arrangements need to be made for the funeral, and there can be several people with a role to play. So who is ultimately responsible?

First, let’s look at how a funeral is arranged.

Ultimately, the responsibility is placed on a single person. This person will become the ‘applicant’ and they are responsible for signing documentation and being the point of contact. Unless the applicant gives us permission to, we cannot take instructions from others. This is for the protection of the deceased and their funeral service. It also assists our team by making sure there is a clear direction for the funeral.

There is still the option for others to be involved though. We encourage family and friends to work together in creating a personal service. By doing so, it can not only give the deceased a good farewell, but it can also help those grieving. In the end though, it is the applicant that will provide the final details of the service.

Family or Friend

In most cases, a member of the deceased persons family will take on the role of arranging the funeral. This can be decided by the family or by the deceased, via a will or legal acknowledgement.

It may be the case that a friend of the deceased will become the applicant. Either by request of the deceased or perhaps by the consent of the family.

Executor of a Will

If it is unclear as to who will become the applicant, the responsibility can also be given to the executor of the will. Often, the executor will be the applicant as they are already responsible for other arrangements and have been entrusted with the task by the deceased.

What About Pre Planned Funerals?

If a person had taken out a pre planned funeral, they may have already designated a person which they wish to arrange their funeral. This is often done for Funeral Bond and Pre Arranged funerals. While less common, it can also be done with a Funeral Bond as well.

We advise that family and friends be informed about the arrangement of a pre-planned funeral, but it may be wise to call us and check if a plan was made. We can certainly help with information and we keep records of pre planned funeral services. Should you know about a pre planned service, simply let us know and we can assist.

If you have questions, or would like assistance, please contact us.

You can call our team directly at (02) 4228 9622

or email us at

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