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How Much Do Funerals Cost?


● Essential costs

● Expected Costs

● Extra Costs

With the increasing trend for families and individuals to put their own personal stamp on their funeral, we are seeing more options being made available. Naturally, the cost will depend on how lavish or simple the style of funeral is that you decide to go with. There are those that are quiet and intimate occasions, and others that are big and vibrant celebrations. As well as personal choice it can also come down to what level of investment you are able to make.

There is no ‘right way’ to conduct a funeral, and costs can vary widely. In order to break it down but offer you the best advice on what to budget for, we’ve separated the costs of any funeral into three categories: Essential Costs; Expected Costs; and Extra Costs.

Essential Costs

Essential costs are those that are unavoidable. In some shape or form each of the following will be required for a funeral to happen:

● Death certificate & permits

● Transport and storage of deceased

● Body preparation for burial or cremation (not for viewing)

● Cremation costs

● Burial Costs eg. Plot, Basic Coffin

Expected Costs

These expenses, while not strictly necessary, are fairly typical of most funerals. Some providers will have different ways of bundling these together, so be sure to ask if you are looking to keep funeral costs down

● Newspaper notice ( is free for all H.Parsons families)

● Service Location

● Flowers Decoration

● Transport of Coffin to Burial Site

Extra Costs

These costs are usually only incurred if you request the service and are typically organised by the family independent of the Funeral Director. Storage can become a cost if there are delays.

● Body preparation for viewing or embalming

● Caskets

● Special burial site eg. above ground, mausoleum

Hearses cortege and other transport

● Celebrant or clergy

● Hosting or organising the service and wake

● Catering

H.Parsons provides full pricing transparency for all of our services. You can see a detailed list of prices on our website.

There is a lot to consider when preparing a funeral and it can be an emotional time. H.Parsons are experts in caring for you and your loved ones and we are committed to ensuring your service is personal, respectful and dignified. Make sure you talk to our team via our contact form, calling (02) 4228 9622 or visiting us at one of our locations.

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