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H.Parsons Services

H.Parsons has been leading the way for many years in delivering personalised, respectful and dignified services.  Our cutting edge technology, contemporary chapels and long established relationships with local business and communities means that we consistently provide exceptional funeral services for our families.

The team at H.Parsons are from the Illawarra region and recognise the rich and diverse cultures that live in our community and the complex life stressors that we face today. H.Parsons has developed a range of funeral service options which can be adapted to meet all budgets, cultural, religious and personal needs.

We understand that no two people are alike, and therefore, no two funerals should be alike. We support families in making their funeral services as personal as possible.  We do this by listening to families’ needs and helping them with their choices. 

Creating personalised funeral services can be helpful in the grieving process by assisting family and friends in feeling that they have done the best possible. Personalising a funeral service can be as low key or lavish as you wish. H.Parsons can provide a respectful and dignified service that meets any budget.   

Our team of professional Funeral Directors will listen to you and guide you through the process.  Our blogs section has a range of ideas to help you with personalising your service.

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