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Social Responsibility

The commitment to social responsibility comes from the Parsons family itself and has been ingrained in the organisation since opening its doors in 1893.


Giving back to the community:

For 130 years we’ve been supporting local charities,

sporting clubs and community groups and many of these are listed below:


Recognising the diverse communities in our area, we pride ourselves on ensuring we deliver respectful and dignified services no matter what the family’s circumstances are.  We recognise the unique situation of each family and our flexibility means that we can offer a range of options, the priority being to support the family.  Choices range from affordable services which are beautiful and personal, right through to very extravagant services with all of the trimmings. Whatever the choice all families can be assured that they will receive the absolute best of our care. 

Our Team

This commitment is instilled in our workplace culture and we employ over 50 staff from the Illawarra community. Our team has access to industry best practice training and a range of support programs. We focus on creating a diverse workplace with inclusive practices that promotes innovation and delivering an exceptional customer experience. Meet our staff here.

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