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6 Tips for Navigating Mother's Day Grief

Mother's Day grief

Mother’s Day is a yearly celebration honouring mothers, motherhood, and maternal figures who play a significant role in our everyday lives.

However, for some individuals, it can be an emotional day marked by grief, as well as a bittersweet time of reflection and remembrance.

Dealing with the loss of a mother or a motherly figure can be tough at any time of the year, but especially on and around Mother’s Day as those around you celebrate the occasion.

If you’re finding Mother's Day to be a challenging time, it's important to remember that it's valid to feel a mix of emotions. You are not alone in your feelings, and it's more than okay to seek help if you need it.

Here are some ways you can navigate Mother’s Day grief:

Acknowledge your feelings

Grieving on Mother’s Day can invoke complicated emotions. Whether you feel sadness, anger, longing, or even moments of joyous remembrance, it is important to allow yourself to feel whatever arises and know that your feelings are valid.

Spend the day as you like

How you spend Mother’s Day is entirely up to you.

For some, Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on memories and celebrate the special moments that were shared, while others might find that avoiding the day altogether is more beneficial to their well-being.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to navigate Mother's Day. Take care of yourself and do what feels right for you during this time.

Write a letter

Write a letter to your mother.

You might like to share with her some of the events that have occurred since her passing or simply talk to her about how you’re feeling.

Though you can’t physically send it, expressing your thoughts and feelings to the departed can be incredibly therapeutic and can help you feel closer to them.  

Do things that remind you of your Mum

Find ways to honour your mother’s memory by doing things that remind you of her.

Think back on the pastimes, hobbies, and traditions you both enjoyed and include them in your Mother's Day celebration.

Whether it's gardening, cooking, visiting a favourite spot, or listening to her favourite music, if your mother had a favourite hobby or interest, set aside time to participate in it as a special homage to her.

Focus on self-care

Mother’s Day can be an immensely hard time for grieving individuals, so it is important to focus on self-care.

You may find comfort in engaging in activities that bring you ease, such as taking a peaceful walk, practising mindfulness or meditation, or simply spending time with loved ones who understand and support you.

Reach out for support

Don't hesitate to lean on friends, family, or a support group for comfort and understanding.

Sometimes, talking about your feelings with others who have experienced similar losses can be incredibly healing.

If you need support this Mother’s Day, here are some grief support services that can help:

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