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Five Resources to Help You When Coping With Grief

As with most natural emotions and processes, there is no ‘right way’ to experience grief. Despite the pop psychology of the “7 Stages of Grief” making it seem like a simple step-by-step pathway, it can be anything but. The grieving process is individual and complex, it can be messy or easy, short or lengthy, and all of the options in between. We have gathered five great resources that can help you to understand and cope with your grief, or to empathise and support someone who is going through loss. Another great place to seek support and advice is your own GP as they can give you a wholistic assessment and refer you to other services if these are required.

Beyond Blue are Australia’s most well-known and respected mental health organisation, focused on supporting people affected by anxiety, depression and suicide. They call themselves the ‘Big Blue Door’ for the community: a safe and reliable place for millions of people to access information, advice and support, no matter where they are on the mental health continuum. Their website offers a local phone hotline, live chat, online forums and general email contact methods.

The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement is the largest provider of grief and bereavement education in Australia. Designed for practitioners in the field as well as the general population, the website is densely stacked with resources and materials, including courses. They provide online, telephone and face-to-face bereavement counselling to individuals, children and families who need assistance following the death of someone close to them - however they are not a crisis support service.

Griefline is a free national helpline offering confidential telephone counselling 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They provide free counselling support to anyone experiencing grief, loss and the many related feelings that occur as a result. They offer phone and online counselling, and their homepage has a great portal to direct your enquiry based on what you are experiencing for self-directed learning.

4. Your family

There are many helpful resources on what to do and say when a loved one dies. Even when your family doesn't know the person who has passed, they can be a great support for you in getting through your grief. Be open with them, seek their input and solace when you feel lost or overwhelmed.

5. Your friends

We all express empathy in different ways and having numerous friends can help you in getting through your own grief. While someone may be great for raw, emotional openness, others might be great at keeping you busy or distracted with activities. Take a moment to look at your current network of friends through a lens of what you are experiencing and identify who you can call on.

The grieving process is extremely different for everyone and how you deal with your loss is nothing to be ashamed of. Never hesitate to reach out to the resources above or others that are available to you. They can help you more than you realise and allow you an opportunity to breathe and find your way forward.

There is a lot to consider when preparing a funeral and it can be an emotional time. H.Parsons are experts in caring for you and your loved ones and we are committed to ensuring your service is personal, respectful and dignified. Make sure you talk to our team via our contact form, calling (02) 4228 9622 or visiting us at one of our locations.

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