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Information on CTP Claims For Funerals

What is CTP?

CTP is Compulsory Third Party Insurance. Most people call this the Greenslip though. This is what every road user pays. CTP protects people financially for injury or death which occurs due to driving a vehicle. For most of us, it is a cost which we just pay year on year. For those involved in a road incident however, CTP can provide financial assistance. This is all regulated by the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017, which is a piece of NSW legislation.

What does it have to do with funerals?

Essentially, a lot. While many think of a Greenslip only applying to injuries, claims can be made for funeral expenses as well. If a person dies as a result of a motor vehicle incident, their funeral costs (at least in part) can potentially be claimed via this insurance.

What does it cover?

It will generally cover most of the costs of a standard funeral. For the most accurate information, please always check with your insurance provider. Some of the general aspects covered include:

  • Funeral Service Costs

  • Burial or Cremation

  • Flowers

  • Funeral Director's Fees

  • Mourning Car

  • Newspaper Notice

  • Cemetery Site

Who needs to claim?

The person that usually makes the claim is the executor of the estate. This is the person that our funeral directors will liaise with in order to arrange the funeral. The executer is often someone close to and trusted by the deceased. This may be a parent, partner, child or a relative. Otherwise, it can be claimed by the Legal Personal Representative of the deceased.

The executor of the estate also has financial responsibility of the funeral and therefore attempts by anyone else to make a claim for the funeral costs should be turned down by the insurance provider.

If you are unsure of who the executor is or who should make the claim, please contact H.Parsons.

How to make a claim

Making a claim is a simple process and can be done by completing a CTP Green Slip Claim Form – Application for funeral expenses. The form requests information such as your personal details, the deceased’s personal details and information about the incident. You’ll also be required to attach receipts for the funeral expenses which you are attempting to claim. The claim must be made within 3 months of the death.

The next step is to lodge the completed form and submit to the relevant insurer. If you are sending the claim via mail, ensure that you do not send the original documents. If the insurance provider requires the originals, you can have the copies certified by a Justice of the Peace at H.Parsons.

State Insurance Regulatory Body (SIRA) is the NSW state government body for this type of insurance and can assist with who to send the claim to.

You can reach them via:

Phone: 1300 656 919


What happens after I make the claim?

After the claim has been submitted to the relevant insurance agency, it will be reviewed. The insurer must finish their review within 28 days of receiving the claim. There are three outcomes which may happen after this point:

1. The claim is paid to the claimant or to the funeral director.

2. They can request more information from you

3. Your claim can be denied

What if i don't agree?

If your claim has been denied, or you do not agree with the insurer’s review, you can dispute it. Initially, it will be reassessed by third party within the insurance organisation. If you wish to dispute the new decision you can apply to SIRA for an independent review. Alternatively you can contact the CTP Legal Advisory.

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