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Personalised Scenery Projection Screen Etiquette

Personalised Scenery Projection Screen Etiquette

H.Parsons Personalised Scenery Projection Screen is a popular service and many of our families appreciate having access to this for their funeral, especially during COVID-19 related restrictions. The Parsons’ Personalised Scenery Projection Screen can be accessed by people from all over the world, allowing families and friends who can’t be there in person, to participate digitally with each other and the funeral service. The Personalised Scenery Projection Screen can help bring families together. It’s a relatively straightforward process to access, however realising that some people are not familiar with zoom our staff are always happy to assist. You can find more information about the Personalised Scenery Projection Screen here.

We have made a few pointers, do’s and don’ts, for attending a funeral service via the Zoom Wall.


Dress appropriately.

Treat participating in a Personalised Scenery Projection Screen funeral from home as if you were there in the chapel. You will be seen by everyone attending and you don’t want to be caught out half dressed, or in your pyjamas. Dressing for a funeral is often a way of showing respect, solidarity with the other mourners and courtesy.

Speak with the family of the deceased to determine what appropriate dress might be. If they were avid fishers, and the family approves, wear fishing gear. There are many ways to show respect and expressing your emotions is always important but, seeking approval from the deceased’s family is highly recommended.


Talk through a service.

The H.Parsons Funeral Director will mute attendees on Zoom during the service to ensure that all attention is on the person speaking or the focus of the moment. Despite this, you are projected onto the wall, in direct view of the people in the chapel and viewable by the people on Zoom. They might not hear you, but they will be able to see you.

There is plenty of time to speak to friends and family before and after the service, and please do, but during the service, it is respectful to pay attention.


Say hi to the people in the chapel.

The Personalised Scenery Projection Screen allows many people to attend the service but it can still seem lonely for those in the chapel when restrictions are in place.

You can also speak to others joining via Zoom.


Speak over someone else.

The Personalised Scenery Projection Screen lets everyone come together as though they are physically together but it can be difficult to have more than one conversation at a time. If someone is speaking, speaking over them will make it hard for everyone to understand and can seem very rude. Wait until there is a lapse and join the conversation. Remember that some people may be experiencing a small time delay.


Prevent others from talking

Because the focus of Zoom is held onto the speaker, it means that one conversation is the focus. Other people may wish to offer condolences or speak with the family of the deceased. Being aware of this and keeping your conversation to an appropriate time may be appreciated by others.


Spread the link, if the family agree.

H.Parsons will work with the family to spread the Zoom link via, Facebook and other means. If the family is happy to publicly share the Personalised Scenery Projection Screen information, share the information from the page. You will buttons enabling you to do this. Let others know so that they can join the funeral service.

The funeral director has control over the Personalised Scenery Projection Screen and is able to admit, exclude and remove people as required.


Discourage others.

Social distancing has been hard on many people and the Personalised Scenery Projection Screen is the best way to currently attend a funeral service from home. If you struggle with technology or aren’t a fan of Zoom others may still appreciate the service and the opportunity. Funerals are a time of support.


Help others.

Many people may not be tech savvy or have an understanding of Zoom. Here’s a chance to reach out and help the others. Help them to connect, help them to understand the concept and what it means. The idea is to connect and come together, to mourn the loss of a loved one and celebrate their life. Helping each other to connect on Zoom can be part of that.

Treat it like you would a traditional funeral, before social distancing came into effect. Stay safe and for any questions, please feel free to contact H.Parsons Funerals.

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