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Pre-planning or Funeral Insurance – What’s the Difference?


● Pre-Planning

● Funeral Insurance

● How to Choose

Have you been thinking about how you want to be remembered and how you want your friends and family to feel when you have passed on? More and more, Australian’s are recognising the advantages of pre-planning their funerals. So, while it may be difficult to come to terms with our own mortality, let alone plan for it, planning ahead eases the burden on you now and on your family when that difficult time comes. The question is - what is the best way to secure your funeral for the future?


Sometimes pre-planning is also referred to as pre-arranging a funeral and can be as simple or detailed as you like. If you would like to plan your funeral in advance without the pressure of payment, then pre-planning your funeral is a great option.

Why should I pre-plan my funeral?

You Get To Choose - Pre-planning gives you an opportunity to make your funeral your own. This is a celebration of your life, so why miss out on personalising it just for you? Not only will you be happy, but it will also be more special to your loved ones to see what you’ve chosen.

Time To Plan - You can make decisions around your funeral in your own time so you know you are happy with all the arrangements. Then you can put this aside and concentrate on enjoying your life.

Peace Of Mind - Many people decide to pre-plan their funeral to reduce stress on their family and friends. Coping with grief while trying to arrange and possibly cover the costs of a funeral is extremely difficult, so having these details dealt with is a welcome relief. You’ll find this gives you peace of mind as well!

Affairs In Order - Preparing all the paperwork for when you pass in advance, including what will go in your Will, ensures that what happens once you are gone is set up and organised. You can remove one of those heavy weights off your shoulders!

No Cost To Organise - There is no cost involved in pre-planning your funeral, it is a separate arrangement to financing. You are simply preparing for the future in a written document and this allows you and your family peace of mind to know the details are laid out.

Important notes

If you pre-plan your funeral, make sure you keep the document in a safe location, let the right people know about your arrangements and where this document is kept. If you choose to pre-plan your funeral with H. Parsons we will keep a copy on file and provide one for you at no cost.

Funeral Insurance

There is a lot of hype around funeral insurance because there are plenty of insurance providers that offer it. The difference is that you only pay premiums for the insurance which can cover you for a large amount, however it in no way relates to pre-planning your funeral arrangements. These would still need to be done separately.

Make sure you consider these aspects of funeral insurance before you commit:

Most policies will only cover accidental death in the first few years.

There can be big increases in premiums after you turn 50, which can be unaffordable on a pension.

No refund on premiums you’ve paid.

Paying monthly premiums starts to add up and your premiums could cost you more than your funeral.

If you miss a payment, you risk wasting the money you have already paid to the insurance firm

Funeral Bond

The H.Parsons team offers a Funeral Bond which doesn’t lock in any funeral arrangements, but the money can gain interest. What you put in will be paid back and only when you pass away. Find out more about Funeral Bonds here.

How to Choose

So, what option do you choose? We always encourage people to thoroughly research the options before making a decision so you know exactly which direction to take.

It may help to ask yourself this question:

- What prompted me to initially investigate this?

- I want to plan my funeral ensuring I meet my needs (pre-planning)

- I want to ensure the costs were covered instead of burdening my family (funeral bond or funeral insurance)

If you still aren’t sure it may help to discuss your situation with one of our team who can offer their experience and advice. We have helped families across generations and always advise on what is best for your needs.

There is a lot to consider when preparing a funeral and it can be an emotional time. H.Parsons are experts in caring for you and your loved ones and we are committed to ensuring your service is personal, respectful and dignified. Make sure you talk to our team via our contact form, calling (02) 4228 9622 or visiting us at one of our locations.

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